Project Two

Outlander: Mixed Media Artist's Book

Outlander is a limited edition Artist's book by Ayin Es about getting lost in the wilderness, or maybe even in ones mind. Being art, this shouldn't always make complete sense. Interpret this piece as you wish.

This book has an embroidered cover and little black, hand-cut feet along the bottom of the book. The interior pages include few reproductions, and mostly original watercolors, lino block prints, photographs, handwritten pages, and original drawings too--both in graphite and pen. There is also an original 13 x 14-inch hand-painted fold-out map made with graphite, pen, and colored pencil on both the front and back sides.

Housed in a recycled cigar box with a cloth tab and a block print label, Outlander comes with a hand-carved bow drill kit for making a fire, a military-style compass, and a fully-stocked mini first aid kit. Handbound by the artist with pamphlet stitching; fine papers include Strathmore, Moab Legion, Arches, Rives BFK, and other imported papers.

In the making:

Interior Colophon:

Completed piece:

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