Project One

Upcycled Business Cards

The original Es business cards were letterpress-printed on the backs of cereal boxes. They were quite the hit. Once upon a time, Ayin and their partner had their own letterpress studio in San Pedro, CA, and printed about a thousand of these unique cards. However, the studio was sold to someone else after Ayin had to relocate to northeast Los Angeles. The next batch of cards were then printed at Aardvark Letterpress in Downtown Los Angeles, and they great job in the continuation of printing these cards.

But after Es changed their first name to Ayin, printing these again in letterpress would not only be costly, but the resource for acquiring cereal boxes no longer existed. The idea of giving up the cereal box cards seemed both a waste and a shame, so ucycling the remaining cards on hand seemed to be the best option.

Upcycling simply involved using stickers, rubber stamps, and a lot of repetitive work on the 480 remaining cards. This is took place in June of 2021.

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